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U&Z Shopping Station aims to dispatch orders within 9-12 working days after the order is confirmed. When an order is dispatched from our warehouse the customer will also receive a confirmation. Should the delivery be materially delayed for more than 30 days, the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase. In such case the customer is requested to contact Customer Service. Approximate delivery time is within 4-8 working days.

If for any reason the Buyer was not available at the agreed time on the delivery address or on the phone number he left, the Distributor does not take responsibility for non-fulfillment of the agreed / agreed delivery time. In order to confirm the delivery date, the courier / supplier will contact the customer by phone at least 15 minutes before the scheduled delivery time. If the delivery of the order fails from the first attempt and after additional telephone confirmation 15 minutes before the scheduled delivery, the delivery service will try to deliver again, at the time corresponding to the courier / delivery service. If further delivery fails, products will be returned to U&Z Shopping Station, and the customer's order will be canceled. The Buyer then has the right to demand a refund. In that case, the Buyer bears the cost of returning the product to the online store U&Z Shopping Station. To return the product, the client is obliged to contact the Customer Department by e-mail, contact form or by calling the phone number +389 70 296 061 from 9 am to 5 pm every working day except Saturday and Sunday. Upon contact with the Contact Center, the Client must complete the return request according to the Contact Center instructions.

Fee and delivery terms When taking the order, the buyer is obliged to immediately check the number of packages and determine possible damage. If any products are found to be missing or damaged at the time of picking up, this must be stated on the courier service confirmation (delivery). Missing products will then be shipped free of charge as soon as possible; the same applies if a damaged product is delivered to the Buyer. If the Buyer subsequently notices any irregularities and damages, he is obliged to notify the Distributor within 14 days from the receipt of the shipment. If the Buyer, after sending the goods, does not receive the goods or the notification for delivery within the stipulated deadline, he has the right to notify the Distributor for sending a new shipment.

Delivery restrictions If due to incomplete information about the delivery address or obstructed access the delivery service is not possible or difficult, it will be suspended and the products will be returned to the online store U&Z Shopping Station, of which the Buyer will be notified. Delivery may also be interrupted by force majeure, events, actions or circumstances that could not have been foreseen, including the following and not limited to: natural and man-made disasters, closed roads due to weather conditions, damage or road works, building or installations, demonstrations or gatherings. In this case, the Distributor will make every effort to contact the customer in a timely manner and arrange another delivery date. The products will be packed so that they can not be damaged during handling. When downloading the product, the Buyer is obliged to check if there are any damages and defects and to list them on the receipt for delivery (delivery note).

When taking over the goods, the buyer is obliged to sign a delivery note that the supplier keeps as proof of receipt, ie takeover.

Delivery time The approximate delivery time is up to 7 working days from the receipt of the client's order, depending on the stock and the delivery address. The deadline starts after receiving the confirmation for the received order. Weekends, holidays and other non-working days are not included in the delivery deadline.